Call Center Solution

It’s a multidimensional state-of-the-art call centre software suite that enables companies to turn one-dimension call centers into multi-media contact centers. It provides a solution for many of the enhanced requirements of today’s contact centers – at a fraction of both the cost and implementation time traditionally considered the norm. It fully supported with Inbound, Outbound and Blended call centre solution. Your business will be able to enjoy real, measurable benefits with regard to efficiency and customer satisfaction, and become a real competitive force in the global marketplace.

Complaint Management System

CMS is design to connect in real time through remote locations, call center and through web, all registered complaints are immediately available for concerned officials for resolution and statistics.

The powerful reporting and analytics capability for complaints and inquiries, with graphical dashboards helps managers to perform trend analysis and spot recurring problems to drive root cause analysis in a timely manner. It also provide executives a rich featured web based Business Intelligence reporting system, which converts data and information to knowledge base, with on clicks; executives can take immediate decisions on the basis of statistics about problems and performance.

Bases on a complaint,CMS shows reports and statics through graph or details by any dimensions like nature of complaint/inquiry, groups of complaints/inquiry, current status, domains, location, official, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily etc.

Features of Complaint Management System:

  • Call Center
    • Complaint lodging
    • Complaint Status
    • Comments of citizens/officials to officials/citizens
    • Reminders and tags
    • Complaint document/history
  • Official
    • Assignments
    • Daily performance
    • Feedback and status
    • Comments and tags
    • Transfer and distribution of complaints
    • Explanations
    • Reports, graphs and statistics
  • Quality Assurance
    • Get Sample size for quality assurance
    • Search complaints on different criteria/dimensions to call to citizen/official
    • Mark valid / invalid against official's complaint closing
  • Business intelligence
    • Business Intelligence is a complete, integrated BI system which includes proven data warehousing technology, Interactive Dashboards and highly formatted reporting, answers for ad hoc reporting and analysis.

Calls Management & Reporting Solution

This solution will focus to integrate all incoming and outgoing calls with a computerized call management system which will manage calls, store call records and generate reports in different formats.


  • Secure and Password Protected Admin Area.
  • Assign Operator name to any extension
  • Real time activities of all extensions
  • Real time monitoring of all INCOMING calls
  • Real time monitoring of all OUTGOING calls
  • View Date / Time and duration of all Incoming and Outgoing calls
  • Date Wise Searching
  • Operator Wise Searching
  • Phone Number Wise Searching
  • Call Duration Wise Searching
  • Daily report of all Incoming and Outgoing calls with phone numbers, time of call, call duration and operator name
  • Date wise Incoming and Outgoing call report
  • Date wise operator activity report
  • Phone number wise activity report with operators name, time and duration
  • Un attended / Missed calls report
  • Send Reports to one or multiple email addresses

Employee Time Management & Attendance Solution

For most organizations without some sort of employee management software, employee time tracking is a tedious, labor-intensive chore that needlessly diverts attention from real business goals. From managers and administrators to individual workgroups and departments, ETMS takes over the resource-draining tasks associated with time and attendance tracking and processing for payroll — freeing your people to focus on your business / organization.

With ETMAS your organization can:

  • Manage employees attendance tracking.
  • Eliminate paper timekeeping hassles.
  • Seamlessly integrate to payroll.
  • Increase manager and employee productivity with automated workflows.
  • Eliminate costly time-reporting and calculation errors.
  • Enforce company policies and business rules.
  • Significantly reduce the time burden on employees and administrative staff.


  • Real time multi-user and multi-tasking system
  • Economical and feasible for any kind of small and huge industry.
  • User friendly and having quick search utilities.
  • Employee’s utmost information coverage.
  • Employee’s identification using superiors and secure Thumb Scan technology.
  • Strong coverage of related entities like leaves, weekly off etc.
  • Auto entry of entity reasons of basis of powerful time calculations.
  • Customized Output / Reports with custom criteria.
  • Create / Import / Export Roster Templates.
  • Support and easy data entry style.
  • Being a real time system, current attendance and & other reports availability at any time.
  • Employee monitoring facility being as a real time system
  • Easy to use Data Backup utility.

Visitors Management System

Visitors Management System is based on NIC recognition technology that means, instead of the pen and paper security method now you can rely on the electronic system. This system is based on recognizing the visitor details from NADRA.

During the initial visit of the visitor, the system gets the complete details and stores the data in the database of the computer. In the next visit, the system matches the newly captured details with the old stored information. This software is a complete visitor management service to improve the efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction of your businesses.

We offer an economic solution to the problem, while providing a wealth of features designed to increase security while improving staff efficiency and compliance with security policies.

  • Allows fast, effective handling of visitors
  • Stores visitor and staff data to improve efficiency
  • Improves site security with visible identification of all Visitors.
  • Saves time and resources

The System shall provide the necessary tools to perform security and compliance audits including:

  • Allows fast, effective handling of visitors
  • Stores visitor and staff data to improve efficiency
  • Improves site security with visible identification of all Visitors.
  • Saves time and resources
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